Lincoln Project Vows To Come After Laura Ingraham Guests And Advertisers After She Mocks Injured 1/6 Cops

Fox’s Laura Ingraham spent a segment of her show giving out awards that mocked the officers who testified before the 1/6 Committee, so the Lincoln Project is fighting back.

Laura Ingraham Mocked And Attacked Brave Police Officers


The Lincoln Project Is Coming For Laura Ingraham’s Guests And Advertisers

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, The Lincoln Project said, “Ingraham and her guests frequently parrot ‘back the blue’ talking points, but when it comes to supporting the officers who defended democracy from domestic terrorism, they mock, jeer, and disrespect them. Every Republican in Congress should be asked on the record whether they agree with Ingraham’s characterization of the January 6 law enforcement officers and whether they will refuse to join the show in the future. In the coming weeks, The Lincoln Project will take a look at the advertisers and guests on The Ingraham Angle and seek to pressure them into abandoning the show.”

Laura Ingraham Shows How Republicans Really Feel About The Police

Laura Ingraham’s attack on the police follows in line with Republicans in Congress who voted against additional funding for local police departments and only came to the negotiating table on funding the Capitol Police after an intense public pressure campaign.

Ingraham only has a Fox News show because she is a top-tier Trump sycophant, who went from being a third-rate conservative radio host to falling into a show after Fox was devoid of talent that she was the last piece of political driftwood floating around for them to elevate.

Laura Ingraham’s whole gimmick is pandering to Trump and his supporters except she does it in an even less talented way than Tucker Carlson.

Anyone who appears or advertises on her show is supporting domestic terrorism and violence against the police, and consumers should use the free market to make them pay for betraying America.