WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Takes Meghan McCain’s Excuses for 1/6 Terrorists Apart

On Tuesday, four Capitol police officers talked about their experiences on January 6th. In their never-ending effort to protect Donald Trump, Conservatives have begun to bash the heroic officers that served that day.

The hosts of The View discussed the issue during Wednesday’s show. To no one’s surprise, Meghan McCain regurgitated a number of Republican talking points. He was, however, immediately shut down by co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

McCain began, “Blue Lives Matter’ is something many Republicans say and something I certainly have said and believe. Alternatively, I don’t like people on the left politicizing these particular law enforcement officers, because I can remember just a few mere months ago being told that all law enforcement were irredeemable and needed different kind of training and should be defunded and there aren’t just a few bad apples, it’s an entirely irredeemable group of people working in law enforcement.”

The Conservative talking head pleaded, “So I would hope that politics on both sides would be removed for this, and we could take this as a teachable moment about just how valuable police officers and law enforcement are and that the narrative and the rhetoric from the past year has been equally dangerous.”

Goldberg, though, jumped in, “I have to point my finger to the other side, and this isn’t about politicizing. This is not about defunding anybody. This has nothing to do with anything but really crappy behavior by really inspired people by the guy that used to live in the White House.”