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Biden Turns The Tables On Republicans And Shows Who Is Really To Blame For Mask Guidelines

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President Biden made it clear that it is areas with low vaccination rates being driven by people who won’t get vaccinated, causing mask requirements to return.

President Biden Makes It Clear Who Is To Blame For Mask Requirments


President Biden was asked by a reporter at the White House how long people may have to wear a mask.


He answered:

 Let’s get that straight. Places where people have gotten vaccinated, where we have a high vaccination rate, people do not have to wear masks at all. Like some of you were with me yesterday up in Lehigh Valley. Didn’t have to wear masks there. You don’t have to mask if you come home to Delaware with me. I know you will love doing that. But you don’t have to wear masks. And the places people are probably going to have to wear masks in those communities where the high rate of unvaccinated stays high, and they don’t move. They don’t move to get vaccinated. 

But, I think you’re going to find the patience of businesses, and the patience of a lot of other people running thin because the fact is, if you had high vaccination rates, we wouldn’t be in this spot yes, sir. 

Patience Is Running Thin As This Is A Crisis Of The Unvaccinated

President Biden was correct. The patience of business owners is running thin in areas with low vaccination rates. Many of them won’t speak publicly for fear of losing customers, but they are exasperated by the refusal of people in low vaccination areas to get the shot.

Many retail establishments, along with restaurants and bars, can’t handle another COVID disruption of their business.


Mostly Republicans and Trump supporters who are refusing to get vaccinated aren’t “owning the libs.” They are destroying themselves and their communities.

Biden is right. It is time to stop coddling the unvaccinated. They are the reason why mask mandates may come back, and if they don’t like it, they can get vaccinated.

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