Biden To Toughen Up On The Unvaccinated With Federal Employee Vaccine Requirement

President Biden will start shifting the blame for rising COVID cases to the unvaccinated while requiring federal employees to get the vaccine.

Biden To Speak In Stronger Terms To The Unvaccinated

CNN reported:

Instead of merely asking Americans to get vaccinated, the President on Thursday is set to take his first step toward requiring it. In afternoon remarks, Biden is planning to announce that all federal employees must attest to being vaccinated against Covid-19 or face strict protocols including regular testing, masking and other mitigation measures, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter.
The directive, which has been under review by the administration for several days, will be delivered in sterner terms than Biden has used previously, one official said. It marks a sharp strategic shift for the White House as it urgently moves to address the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Biden Can’t Make Americans Get Vaccinated, But He Can Encourage Private Sector Vaccine Mandates.

We went through four years of this with Trump, but it is worth saying again. Executive orders aren’t laws. They only apply to federal employees and contractors. Biden can’t unilaterally mandate that people get the vaccine.

The President can lead by example and encourage schools and businesses to require that their employees be vaccinated. State laws banning vaccine mandates are pretty much garbage political statements that are begging to be overturned in court.

Biden is done with trying to be nice about people getting the vaccine. The rising COVID spread is due to the unvaccinated, and they are about to get a dose of reality from the highest office in the land.