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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, And Louie Gohmert Busted For Trespassing As They Tried To Storm A Federal Prison

The House Republican domestic terror caucus (Reps. Greene, Gaetz, Gosar, and Gohmert) tried to storm a federal prison and were booted out.

The latest pro-domestic terrorist publicity stunt was House Republicans trying to storm a federal prison.

Here is the video of what happened when the Axis Of The Criminally Stupid tried to gain entry into a facility that is holding 1/6 attackers:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) argued that the Republicans should be able to storm the prison because they are members of Congress who determine the funding for the facility. Gohmert complained that the government was upsidedown because Republicans aren’t allowed to storm federal prisons.

The Republicans were obstructing the entrance to the facility when they were told, “You, right now, are obstructing entrance to this facility. This is the way that people enter.”

Rep. Taylor Greene (R-GA) said, “We won’t obstruct the entrance. We’ll clear the entrance,” as she just gave up left.

In fact, all of the House Republicans who are supposedly such staunch defenders of the 1/6 attackers bailed.

After Wednesday’s press conference outside the DOJ to support the terrorists was blown to shreds by protesters with signs and whistles, the domestic terror caucus tried going to the prison.

If the members of Congress wanted a tour of the facility, they could have had their staff arrange one. This stunt was never about the criminals inside the facility. It was an attention-getting device.

Reps. Greene, Gohmert, Gosar, and Gaetz have once again tried and failed to use the domestic terrorists of 1/6 for their own fame and political gain.

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