Michael Steele Tears Jim Jordan A New One For Pretending Not To Know When He Talked To Trump On 1/6

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele spoke his mind and unloaded on Jim Jordan for pretending not to know when he talked to Trump on 1/6.

Michael Steele Called Out Jim Jordan’s BS


Steele said on Lincoln Project TV:

I can tell you the time, the date, the place, I’ve had every conversation with every president of this country. Period, going back to Bill Clinton. I can tell you where I was. I can tell you what was said. This son of a b*tch is up there acting like, I don’t know if it was before. I don’t know if it was after. Oh, lordy. Jesus. I gotta look at my notes.

You know, b*itch what time you called the president, and you know what you said. You’re  a grown a*s man, stop acting like you’re ten years old and you got caught masturbating by your mama, stop it.

No One Is Buying Jim Jordan’s 1/6 Excuses

Rep. Jordan has admitted talking to Trump on 1/6. He claims that he can’t remember when. Michael Steele was right. Of course, Jordan knows, but won’t say when, because it will implicate him in the attack, and he likely has damning evidence against Trump.

People don’t forget when they talked to the president, but it sounds like Jim Jordan may need a subpoena to jog his memory.