Fox Host Kurtz Slams Geraldo, Others for Shaming People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

An awful lot of Americans have refused to get vaccinated so far. As a result, the pandemic is continuing to grow, especially in areas with large pockets of Republicans.

Fox News, of course, doesn’t want to blame their viewers for their failure to get shots. So instead the network has continued to push hesitancy towards the vaccinated. And plenty of attempts have been made to blame Blacks and Hispanics for the surging caseload.

During his Sunday show, Howard Kurtz defended those who refuse to get inoculated and slammed media personalities who are shaming these people.

During a panel discussion, Kurtz began, “I knew it, I knew from the moment that CNN’s Don Lemon denounced unvaccinated Americans for their idiotic behavior that we were headed into a surge of anger against those who haven’t gotten the shots.”

The host continued, “It is different in the sense that there’s this conventional wisdom in the media that it’s just Republicans over Democrat whose are more weary. When you interview people as the New York Times does in a story today you find out that people are worried about the fact that the FDA hasn’t given final approval, what the side effects may be, if they’re in a rural area they may not have access. What about media people like don lemon, Piers Morgan, who are saying you haven’t gotten the shot you’re arrogant, selfish, ignorant, how does that help the situation?”

The Fox network has continued to give their viewers an off ramp for vaccine refusal. Kurtz’s Sunday segment was simply another example of that.