Audio Busts Kevin McCarthy Threatening Violence Against Speaker Pelosi

At a Tennessee Republican Party dinner, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened to hit Speaker Pelosi with the gavel if Republicans win back the Senate.

Kevin McCarthy Draws Applause For Threatening Violence Against Speaker Pelosi

Reporter Vivan Jones tweeted the audio McCarthy:

McCarthy said,  “I’ll make this one promise to you.  If we win the majority, which I know we will, you’re all invited, but more importantly, I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel. It’ll be hard not to hit her with it.”

After the 1/6 Attack, Kevin McCarthy Is Running On A Platform Of Violence Against The Speaker Of The House

The Capitol was attacked by a violent Republican mob on January 6 in an act of domestic terror. Kevin McCarthy is using that same terrorist impulse to threaten violence against Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

McCarthy isn’t running on issues or promises of what Republicans will do for the country. The platform is anger and violence.

Violence Against Women Is Not Funny, And “Joking” About It Should Disqualify Kevin McCarthy

PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones has written about the culture of violence against women in the United States. Read her article, and then think about McCarthy’s “joke” about committing violence against Speaker Pelosi.

Racist jokes are no longer tolerated. Homophobic humor is no longer appropriate. Yet, Kevin McCarthy draws cheers and applause for “joking” about harming an 81-year-old woman because she has power and is respected.

Kevin McCarthy is unfit to hold a leadership position in the House. He is unfit to be the third in line to the presidency, and these comments should disqualify him from holding public office.

McCarthy has gone from enabling and covering up for domestic terrorists to threatening violence against the most powerful woman in America. He can not be allowed to become the Speaker of the House.