Rudy Giuliani Says He’s Willing To Go To Jail For Trump, But Also Claims He’s Innocent

Rudy Giuliani said that he is willing to go to jail for Trump but also at the same time proclaimed that he is innocent.

Rudy Giuliani Says He Is Willing To Go To Jail, But He Was Acting As Trump’s Lawyer

Giuliani told NBC New York:

“I committed no crime, and if you think I committed a crime, you’re probably really stupid, because you don’t know who I am,” Giuliani said, as an investigation looms into whether he was working as an unregistered lobbyist for Ukrainian officials.

He said that he was working for then-President Donald Trump as his lawyer at the time.


“I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven,” he said. “I’m not, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

When asked why he would be willing to go to jail if he is not guilty, Giuliani replied “Because they lie, they cheat.”

Rudy Giuliani’s Interview Was A Mixture Of Hubris And Mental Scrambled Eggs

Rudy Giuliani is not a young person. If he gets sent to prison and then hopes that Trump is going to sweep back into the White House and free him in 2025, that is a terrible risk to take.

Giuliani’s defense appears to be that he used to be famous for fighting crime, so any criminal act that he may have committed doesn’t count.

Oh, and the FBI is lying and cheating and out to get him.

The FBI Leaked Information To Guiliani About The Clinton Email Investigation In 2016


The FBI office in New York leaked information about the Hillary Clinton email investigation to Giuliani in 2016, so the FBI wasn’t corrupt when they tried to swing an election to Trump, but they are corrupt if they investigate Rudy Giuliani.

There is a lot of evidence Rudy Giuliani has been committing crimes, and his fame isn’t likely to keep him out of jail.