Susan Collins Aids The Enemy By Being Cool With Jim Jordan On 1/6 Committee

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) brushed off Jordan’s involvement with Trump on 1/6 and criticized Speaker Pelosi for booting him from the 1/6 Committee.

Susan Collins Has No Problem With Jim Jordan On The 1/6 Committee

Video of Collins:

Sen. Collins said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “I respect both of them, but I do not think it was right for the speaker to decide which Republicans should be on the committee. Normally you have a select committee. The minority leader and the speaker get to pick the members. “

Jake Tapper pointed out that the two members that Pelosi booted are liars about the election and that Jim Jordan is a material witness to Trump’s behavior and thought process.

Susan Collins didn’t care, “There were many communications with President Trump that day and, look, as you know, I believe that he — that while the rioters are primarily responsible for what happened, there’s no doubt in my mind that president trump helped instigate and motivate the rioters and that’s one reason I voted to impeach him. The hallmark of our democracy is the peaceful transfer of power, and for anyone, the rioters, the president, anyone to try to interfere with the electoral college count is completely unacceptable.”

Susan Collins Believes Trump Was Responsible, But Also Supporters Jim Jordan Being On The Committee

The exchange was classic Susan Collins. She is firmly in lockstep with her party, even falsely calling the 1/6 Committee partisan, but she also believes that Trump was responsible for the attack. However, she also wants people who will sabotage the investigation on the 1/6 Committee.

Susan Collins Is Aiding The Enemies Who Attacked The Capitol

Mainstream media falls for the word salad and contradictory ideas that pass for communication from Sen. Collins.

The reality is that any Republican who opposes the investigation on any grounds is aiding the people who attacked the Capitol and democracy on 1/6.

Not supporting an investigation because it doesn’t include the very people who may have helped to plot the coup is nonsensical.

Susan Collins’s vote for impeachment is not a shield or a get out of jail free card.

By pushing false information about the 1/6 Committee, Collins is undermining the investigation and providing support to those who attacked our country.

Susan Collins is putting on a patriot’s mask to hide her aid and comfort to traitors.