Democrats Deal A Huge Blow To Voter Suppression With Big Texas Court Win

Texas Democrats, the DCCC, and DSCC scored a big win in court as Texas voters will be able to register to vote online when they renew driver’s licenses permanently.

The First Step In Dismantling Texas GOP Voter Suppression

The Democrats jointly announced in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

In a huge victory for voting rights, Texas voters will now permanently be able to register to vote online when they update their driver’s license information, following a successful legal challenge by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Texas Democratic Party.

The DCCC, DSCC, and Texas Democratic Party intervened in a lawsuit against the state of Texas after they refused to comply with the National Voter Registration Act, often referred to as the “motor voter” law. In August,the lawsuit forced a temporary fixthat allowed Texas voters to register to vote online when they updated their driver’s license, which has since led tomore than one million Texansusing this method to register to vote or update their registration — after this week’s victory, those protections are now permanent.

“This legal victory deals a blow to voter suppression at a pivotal moment for democracy in America.”

This is a vital victory for democracy and future cases against Republican voter suppression laws.

DCCC Chair, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said, “This legal victory deals a blow to voter suppression at a pivotal moment for democracy in America,” said DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. “The stakes for access to the ballot box in Texas have never been higher, and this successful lawsuit to safeguard voting rights for millions of Texans comes at a crucial time. The protections guaranteed by this legal challenge will make a world of difference for young voters, people of color, and Texans across the state. Our gratitude to every voting rights activist who fought to protect democracy in Texas and made this win possible.”

Federal Legislation To Protect Voting Rights Must Be Passed

Thousands of people protested in Texas over the weekend to demanding voting rights protections. Democrats will get their share of victories in court, but the best way to protect the right to vote is for Congress to pass voting rights legislation that undoes the Republican state-level voter suppression campaign.

Democrats in Congress can fix this, and it must be done before the end of the year.