Mask Hating Republicans Get A Lesson As Vaccinated Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For COVID


Republicans got a reminder of how foolish their opposition to masking is as vaccinated Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID.

Sen. Graham tweeted:

Graham did say something positive about the vaccine, so that’s good, but he also was running around without a mask and caught the Delta variant.

It was just days ago that congressional Republicans held a protest on the Capitol steps opposing the reinstatement of mask mandates on the House and Senate floor.

The mask mandates are common sense, especially since 100% of Congressional Democrats are vaccinated, but roughly half of the Republicans are.

Congress is just like the rest of the country. People who were got responsible and got vaccinated are being forced to take responsibility for selfish people who refuse to do their part to protect those around them.

Sen. Graham was right. He would be in much worse shape right now if he wasn’t vaccinated, but now he needs to talk to members of his own party about putting an end to their anti-mask idiocy.