100 Million Reasons Why Trump’s Threat To Democracy Can’t Be Ignored

Some still believe that if the nation ignores Trump, he will vanish, but Trump now has a $100 million war chest for his attack on democracy.

Trump Has Conned His Supporters Out Of $100 Million In 6 Months

Via: CNN:

The Trump political organization’s $102 million cash reserves represent an unprecedented war chest for an ex-President at this stage of the election cycle, CNN’s Fredreka Schouten reported on Saturday, when Trump’s team announced its fundraising totals for the first half of the year. Its 3.2 million contributions to two political action committees mean that Trump can be a dominant kingmaker in the midterm elections and he has more than enough cash to finance his own demagogic rallies.
The size of his haul —- which his team said includes nearly $82 million raised in the first six months of this year and some funds donated in 2020 and transferred this year — is a commentary on the political state of the nation and his own character: he is raising funds on the power of a lie that millions of Americans want to be true and that is fundamentally altering politics.

Trump Isn’t Satisfied With Just Money Anymore. He Wants Power.

Trump can’t be ignored, because he is trying to destroy democracy in order to return himself to power, and if he’s back in power, who is to say that he will ever leave?

If Democratic norms are shattered and elections are rigged, Trump could ignore the constitution and keep running for president for the rest of his life. The United States would in the blink of an eye become Russia or North Korea.

Ignoring authoritarians only makes them stronger by weakening the opposition. Authoritarians don’t pocket the cash that they have grifted and move on. History shows that once a dictator takes power, it takes a violent overthrow to get rid of them.

Disregarding the Trump threat is the same as ignoring the threat to democracy, and Americans have 100 million reasons to keep Donald Trump in exile.