Biden Finds A Way: CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium Until October 3

A crisis that could have left millions of Americans homeless has been avoided as the CDC is extending the eviction moratorium until October 3.

Biden To Extend The Eviction Moratorium

Yamiche Alcindor  tweeted:

At his update on the pandemic response, President Biden said the CDC would be announcing something within the hour. The White House apparently has found a way to bypass the Brett Kavanaugh written Supreme Court decision that stated only legislative action could extend the moratorium.

In reality, Democrats only needed to buy themselves enough time for the House to get back into session and pass an extension. The House will be back in session to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill as soon as the Senate has passed it.

This extension means that people will not be losing their homes because the Biden administration listened to the urgings of House Democrats from Speaker Pelosi to AOC and found a way to get it done.