Wake Up Democrats: Powerful Right Wing Groups Are Funding Attack To Rig Every Election

As some Democrats drag their feet on voting rights, power big-money conservative groups are funding the destruction of democracy.

Conservative Groups Like ALEC Are Funding The GOP Attack On Democracy

Video of Jane Mayer on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Mayer said:

The audit itself which people think of as a clown show, as you said, is actually not that funny when you look at it closely. Because what it’s trying to do is overturn a certified American presidential election. And the forces that are pushing that, and this is what I was looking at, include a number of — a whole array of very prominent national conservative groups. 

People that you don’t ordinarily think of as involved in sort of flaky conspiracy theories. So you have the Heritage Foundation in there. You have the American Legislative Exchange Council, backed by big corporations. You have got the Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is one of the biggest conservative foundations, it has $850 million in its treasury to spend on these kinds of adventurous things. 

And what they are doing is funding people who are spreading doubt about the security of American elections. Why are they doing it? Because it works for them. I’m not sure how many of them believe it. But what it’s done is, they’re exploiting this distrust of American elections in order to push through laws that crackdown on voting rights and keep the people they don’t want from the polls, basically. And they’re also laying the foundation, many people told me, for potentially a lot of distrust about the 2022 elections and the 2024 elections.

The Goal Is To Permanently Take Power Away From The People

The right got a taste of virtually unlimited power, not bound by any respect for the constitution under the last guy, and they want more. ALEC and Heritage are bankrolling the war on democracy as a cynical play to keep and maintain power.

They don’t care that democracy isn’t something that can be tweaked to work for them but still sustain. Once they kill democracy, it is dead.

The goal is nothing less than the permanent disenfranchisement of a majority of American voters.

Senate Democrats Need To Wake Up


Senators like Manchin and Sinema can pine for the filibuster, but if Republicans have their way, those Senators will protect the filibuster then lose their seats in rigged elections.

Senate Democrats need to wake up and forget the rules. Attach the voting rights provisions to a reconciliation bill. Put provisions into government funding bills. Get creative because the forces funding this war on freedom don’t play by any rules. They aren’t going to stop, so Democrats can’t stop themselves from protecting democracy.