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Toxic Ben Shapiro Falsely Says It’s Probably Not Worth it For People Who Have COVID to Quarantine Because It is Such a Mild Illness

The Delta variant has created a major issue for residents of all states, but especially those who have a Trumpian Republican governor. And rather than trying to use this moment to encourage vaccinations, many Conservative pundits have chosen to keep referring to COVID as no big deal.

Lindsey Graham, who tested positive despite being vaccinated, will quarantine for 10 days. While talking about the story, Ben Shapiro opined that people with COVID probably shouldn’t quarantine at all.


The podcaster began, “I‘m not even sure that it’s worth quarantining if you have COVID at this point. Like, it’s so widespread that I’m not even sure, like on a public health level, whether quarantining is even going to slow the spread in any significant — like, I get it. You’re supposed to quarantine if you have COVID. I do, I understand, I understand why they’re telling you to do this, because there are so many unvaccinated people out there.”


Shapiro continued, “Okay, why is that a public health story? I don’t understand. Being diagnosed with, basically, very very mild illness is not a public health emergency. So when you see people freaking out over case rates, it makes no sense. It is just alarmism of the highest order.”

Not only are cases up, but deaths and hospitalizations are as well. And for many people, COVID doesn’t represent a mild illness. Health experts have also noted

that the Delta variant is much more communicable than the original virus.

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