Joe Biden Now Has A Higher Job Approval Rating In Florida Than Ron DeSantis

The COVID surge in Florida is putting Gov. Ron DeSantis’s reelection hopes in jeopardy, as Joe Biden is now more popular in the state than DeSantis.

Joe Biden Gets Higher Marks Than Ron DeSantis For Job Performance

A new StPetePolls survey of the state found that when asked, only 43.7% of respondents said that the governor was doing a good job, and 48.5% said that he was not. In contrast, 48.8% of those asked agreed that President Biden is doing a good job, and 45.7% disagreed.

COVID Surge Is Crushing DeSantis

Gov. DeSantis has refused to consider a mask mandate or restrictions on businesses, even as hospital wards are overflowing due to new coronavirus cases.  

DeSantis may be putting himself on the same course as his hero Donald Trump. The Florida governor is also eyeing a run for the White House in 2024, but if COVID continues to rage out of control in his state, he might lose his reelection campaign to former governor/current congressman Charlie Crist.

Florida is the national leader in average COVID deaths per day. 61 Floridians are dying each day from the coronavirus compared to 43 Texans who are perishing from that Republican governor’s mismanagement.

Just like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis could see his political career ended by his refusal to manage the pandemic responsibly. President Biden’s popularity in the Sunshine State is a warning of what could be coming in 2022.