Judge Reads Lawyers The Riot Act For Filing Bogus 2020 Election Lawsuit

A federal judge sanctioned two lawyers for a frivolous bad faith lawsuit on the 2020 election based on Trump’s tweets.

Via: The Washington Post:

A federal judge in Colorado has sanctioned two lawyers who filed a lawsuit challenging the 2020 election late last year, finding that the case was “frivolous,” “not warranted by existing law,” and filed “in bad faith.”


Calling the suit, “one enormous conspiracy theory,” Neureiter ordered that the duo must pay the legal fees of all the individuals and companies they had sued — 18 separate entities in all — as a way to deter future similar cases.

The Lawyers Are Looking At A Massive Penalty

The lawyers have to pay the legal fees of the 18 people and businesses that they sued. That is going to be a very substantial price tag being that they sued everybody from governors to Facebook to Dominion Voting Systems.

The lawsuit was Trump-inspired nonsense. The judge called it a conspiracy theory in his ruling.  The sanctions are a message to other lawyers who tried or will try to tie up the courts with frivolous election lawsuits.

Any lawyer who listens to Trump is not only going to lose, but they will be hit hard in the wallet.