Mo Brooks Rats Out Trump And Suggests Evidence Of 1/6 Conspiracy

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is trying to save his own skin in the Eric Swalwell lawsuit, so he told the judge he was cooperating with the White House on 1/6.

Mo Brooks Wants Immunity, So He Tossed Trump Under The Bus

Brooks argued to the judge that he deserves immunity because he was cooperating with the White House:

It is absolutely a part of the job and duties of the U.S. Congressman from Alabama’s 5th Congressional District that the Congressman cooperate with the White House whenever possible and appropriate to protect and promote the direct and indirect jobs tied to federal activities in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District.

Cooperating, or not cooperating, with the White House affects a Congressman’s effectiveness. Certainly rejecting the request of the White House to give a speech at the Ellipse could hurt a Congressman’s effectiveness. This is particularly true given the importance of the White House to space, defense and other jobs in a Congressman’s district.

The DOJ Already Rejected Brooks’s Claim That Attacking The Capitol Is Part Of His Official Duties

The DOJ already found that Brooks was appearing at a campaign rally and thus was not acting in his official duties as a member of Congress.

Evidence that this was a campaign rally is also the fact that the Trump campaign paid for and promoted the event. 

The 1/6 rally that incited the attack was not a part of Rep. Brooks’s official duties.

Evidence Of A 1/6 Attack Conspiracy

As Joyce Vance tweeted, a prosecutor might call Brooks’s filing evidence of a conspiracy:

The Eric Swalwell lawsuit has been a gift that keeps on giving to those who are investigating 1/6. At the slightest bit of pressure, Mo Brooks can’t stop talking, and what he is saying shines more light on the 1/6 attack as a coordinated operation to keep Trump in power.