Trump Is Begging The 1/6 Committee Not To Interview Him

Former Rep. Doug Collins is Trump’s new attorney, and he immediately sent a letter to the 1/6 Committee begging them not to interview Trump.

Trump Offers To Throw Everybody Under The Bus As Long As The 1/6 Committee Doesn’t Interview Him

The letter states:

[W]ithout in any way otherwise waiving the executive privilege associated with the matters the committees are purporting to investigate, President Trump will agree not to seek judicial intervention to prevent your testimony or the testimony of the five other former Department officials … who have already received letters from the Department … so long as the committees do not seek privileged information from any other Trump administration officials or advisors. If the committees do seek such information, however, we will take all necessary and appropriate steps on President Trump’s behalf to defend the office of the presidency.

Trump Is Trying To Keep The 1/6 Committee Away From Him

Trump, as an ex-president, does have executive privilege, but the strongest claims are related to documents, not conversations. The former president is trying to cut a deal to make sure that the 1/6 Committee doesn’t talk to him or those close to him.

At this point, it is time to ask the usual question, if Trump had nothing to do with the 1/6 attack, then why won’t he talk to the committee?

Trump Is Afraid Of Testifying

Should Trump and those close to him testify before the committee, a whole lot of information that will be bad for the former president will come out. Trump through his new soon not-to-be-paid attorney Doug Collins is trying to cut a deal to save his own skin.

The 1/6 Committee should definitely dig deeper because Trump’s letter is that of a guilty man.