WATCH: Neal Katyal Roasts Trump on Tax Return Decision, “He Finally Found a Draft He Couldn’t Dodge”

Donald Trump is currently ensnared in so many different legal entanglements that it’s becoming hard to keep track. But at the center of nearly everything is his tax returns.

Unlike every other presidential candidate in modern history, Trump refused to reveal his tax returns. While he claimed that he couldn’t do so until he wasn’t under audit, the IRS said that was nonsense.

And since then, Trump has fiercely tried to keep the documents from being revealed. But now, the tax returns will soon be in the hands of congressional investigators. While Trump’s lawyers have promised to challenge the decision, they have an uphill battle.

Neal Katyal discussed the situation during a recent appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show. The former White House lawyer told the host:

“It looks like we find a draft that Donald Trump could not duck. This is not hard. Donald Trump is worried of his investigators that the investigation is a political attack on him. There is no exception in the law because Donald Trump feels like a victim. That’s not a thing in the law.”

Katyal continued, “The only people that this law is not clear to are the people in the world of Trump’s clan who thinks Donald Trump can install himself as president in August and people like Jeffery Clark,  who we are talking about earlier write these bogus letters and destroying what the law in words of what the English language means and this is ridiculous and tax returns should come out to congress right away.”

While the release of these tax returns might not necessarily spell doom for Trump, they are just another massive legal hurdle for him to conquer if he hopes to run again in 2024.