Biden Responds Governor Who? And Bursts Into Laughter When Asked About Ron DeSantis

President Biden sent Gov. Ron DeSantis a clear message when he responded to DeSantis’s tough talk by responding Governor who?

“Governor Who?”

Video of Biden:

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell asked President Biden about Gov. Ron DeSantis saying that he was going to stand in the way of imposing COVID safety measures, and Biden responded, “Governor who?” The President then started laughing.

President Biden Squashed Ron DeSantis Like A Bug

President Biden knows that DeSantis is trying to elevate himself by picking a fight with the President. DeSantis wants to run for president in 2024, and he is trying to show Republicans that he can go toe to toe with Biden. The problem is Ron DeSantis is a political lightweight.

Donald Trump was an incumbent president and a Republican heavyweight, and Biden blew him out in a landslide.

Ron DeSantis is to use the star of a popular Florida tourist attraction, Mickey Mouse.

President Biden’s message was clear. Ron DeSantis isn’t in the same class as the current president, and Biden will not allow his office to be used to elevate Florida’s COVID merchant of death.