Madison Cawthorn crashes school board meeting to yell about masks

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Crashes A School Board Meeting To Berate Members For Passing Mask Mandate

Rep. Madison Cawthorn crashed a school board meeting to yell at the board members for passing a mask mandate for schools.


Rep. Cawthorn told the Buncombe, NC School Board that they had muzzled children by requiring them to wear masks.

The congressman added, “You have sacrificed the social, emotional, and psychological development of our children on the altar of wokeness. This school board has no right to rip personal responsibility away from the hands of its citizens. The family should always come before the government. You do not know better than the parents in my district….The greatest threat to our children today does not come from COVID-19. It comes from woke liberal government officials like you who think that they are all-knowing and all-wise.”

Keeping Children Safe From COVID Is Now Big Government Interference

Rep. Cawthorn’s argument is that parents have the right to spread and give their children COVID. Cawthorn is arguing that parents have the right to potentially kill their children and other innocent children as well who may go to school with unmasked infected kids.

Cawthorn’s comments were modern conservative ideology taken to its most delusional extreme.  Parents don’t get to choose during a pandemic. Public health comes before personal responsibility.

Republicans are arguing the health of kids should be sacrificed for their political gain.

The Republican Party is now the party of COVID child endangerment.


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