Nicolle Wallace: If Kids Aren’t In School in the Fall It’s Because of Anti-Vaxxers and Republican Governors

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is reacting much differently than the original version of the disease did. It appears to be much more contagious and children seem to be more seriously affected.

Still, the Republican governors who are making it harder for people to get vaccinated. And people like Ron DeSantis are saying that they are doing it to protect children and allow parents the freedom of choice. During a Thursday segment, Nicolle Wallace noted that these people will be responsible if kids aren’t back in school this fall.

Real Clear Politics A.B. Stoddard noted, “And that, politically, this White House is — this administration and the Democratic Party, I think, is going to get pummeled if we end up in a situation where people are back mostly online and Republicans are blaming the Biden administration for the state of mental decline of the nation’s children. So if they will continue to make political war on that no matter what, even though it looks like the Delta variant is much more dangerous for children than what we were dealing with last year.”

Wallace countered, “I want to put a pin in the idea that Republicans will blame the Biden administration for kids not being in school. If kids aren’t being in school, it’s because Republicans didn’t get vaccinated and Republican governors stood in the way of mask mandates that would make it possible.”

The politics of COVID will decide the 2022 mid-term elections. It Will be incumbent upon Democrats to get their messaging straight.