Officer Michael Fanone Calls Out Trump Conning Rednecks As A Source Of Hate

In a cover story for Time, Officer Michael Fanone said that the biggest trick that Trump pulled was convincing “rednecks” that he spoke for them.

Officer Fanone Calls Trump’s Conning Of Rednecks The Greatest Trick In History

Time reported:

His mission to defend his colleagues’ actions had morphed into something bigger and more daunting. What he had to do, he concluded, was not just to speak up on behalf of law enforcement. He needed to shake his fellow Americans out of their Trump-induced delusions, debunk the lies that had poisoned his friends’ minds. He needed to root out the hatred that led to Trump in the first place.


“The greatest trick in history was Donald Trump convincing redneck Americans that he somehow speaks for them,” says Fanone, who includes himself in that category. “He will destroy this country simply for the sake of his ego, just because he can’t accept that he lost an election.”

Fanone is a redneck himself who voted for Donald Trump, but none of that matters as he has been mocked, threatened, and ostracized by his fellow officers for speaking out.

Trump’s Support Isn’t What The Mainstream Media Claims It Is

Trump’s greatest trick was turning a born rich, sheltered New Yorker into the spokesman for the worst element in America. Trump accomplished this by playing into white rural America’s racism and history of blaming non-white people for their problems.

The mainstream media first tried to pass Trump’s rural supporters off as economically anxious, but that was a lie. Rural Republicans don’ trust the media or the polls, so when asked anything by an outsider, they lie.

Trump didn’t fool rural Americans or rednecks to use Fanone’s term. He gave them a hero to worship by saying what they believe. Rural Americans feel empowered by Trump, and that is the key to his support.

Republicans have convinced small-town Republicans that they are fighting a rural/urban culture war, and this culture war is the driver of the hate that led to the 1/6 attack.

As someone who grew up and lives in rural America, I can assure you that any other reason is a lie.