Biden Is The First President In History To Add Jobs Every Month During His First 6 Months

President Biden said that his economic plan is working and highlighted that his is the first administration in history to add jobs every month for the first six months.


President Biden said while discussing the economy:

The Biden plan is working, the Biden plan produces results and the Biden plan is moving the country forward. We are now the first administration in history to add jobs every single monthin our first six monthsin office. 

The only one in history to add more than 4 million jobs during the first six months, economic growth is the fastest in 40 years, jobs are up, the unemployment rate is the lowest since the pandemic hit, black unemployment is down as well. Why? We put in place the necessary tools early in my presidency, the Covid 19 vaccine plan, the American rescue plan to fight the virus, and fight the economic mess that we inherited. It has resulted in making progress on both fronts. 

Even With The Delta Variant Surging, The Biden Plan Is Working.

The previous president had no plan for the economy, and once the Obama expansion ran out of steam, the economy slipped into a recession before COVID even arrived.

The Biden team had a plan for both public health and the economy. The President was correct. His administration laid the groundwork for this success as soon as he took office.

President Biden is bringing America back bigger, better, and faster than any president in history.

The former guy talked about it, but Joe Biden is getting it done.