Jill Biden Must Restore The White House Rose Garden That Melania Trump Destroyed 1 Year Ago

One year ago, Melania Trump destroyed the Rose Garden so that Trump could hold an illegal Republican convention at the White House.

Historian Michael Beschloss tweeted:

Melania Trump wrecked part of the world’s greatest living museum to democracy so that her husband could illegally hold the 2020 Republican convention at the White House:

The History Can’t Be Replaced, But The Rose Garden Must Be Restored

Everyone knows that Donald and Melania Trump are terrible people, but something good can out of Melania Trump’s callous destruction of American history.

If First Lady Biden is interested, replacing the tress that Melania Trump destroyed would be an uplifting project for the nation. Melania Trump, like her husband, doesn’t care about America or its history.

What better way to symbolize the rebirth of the nation after Trump tried to literally kill it first with COVID and then with a coup attempt on January 6 than to restore the Rose Garden with the life that the Trumps destroyed?