Rick Scott Lies And Claims Democrats Are Raising Taxes On The Middle Class

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) lied on Sunday and claimed that Democrats are raising taxes on the middle class to pay for infrastructure.


Scott could not truthfully describe why he opposes the infrastructure bill on Fox News Sunday:

That’s what’s going on and by the way, everyone wants to talk about how they want to spend money. No one wants to be honest with the American public, they are raising your taxes. They are raising taxes on Americans, the middle classis going to pay for this, so they want to talk about “Oh, yeah, we want to go spend all this money, here’s the candy over here” now that you have to pay for all that, we don’t want to talk about that.


So we were promised this would be paid for, so let’s do two things. Let’s have real infrastructure, let’s live within our means, quit running up the debt. We have almost $30 trillion worth of debt and by the way, we passed a debt ceiling where we have to have a vote to raise the debt ceiling. They can’t spend this money because they’re going to borrow more money. Let’s be honest with the American public, spend money on roads, bridges, airports and seaports, do it responsibly like I did when I was governor.

The Infrastructure Bill Cuts Taxes For The Poor And Middle Class While Raising Taxes On The 1%.

Neither of the infrastructure bills that are working their way through the Senate raises taxes on the middle-class.

The Tax Policy Center found that taxes go down for the poor and middle-class under the Biden plan, and the spending is paid for by raising taxes on the top 1% of earners.

As Governor Rick Scott Redirected A Trump Tax Cut For The Poor To Billionaires.

All you need to know about Senator Fiscal Responsibility is that while he was governor Rick Scott took a Trump tax break that was supposed to go to poor people and redirected it to Florida’s billionaires.

Rick Scott can’t justify voting against the infrastructure bill based on the facts, so he made up a lie.

Democrats not only have to pass the bill, but they must prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Republican lies.