Rick Scott Humiliates Trump By Refusing Call Him The Leader Of The GOP

Sen. Rick Scott humiliated Trump by refusing to call him the leader of the party and giving him no credit for Senate Republican fundraising.

Scott was asked if Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. 

He answered, “I think the voters of the leaders. Here’s what’s interesting. I ran as an outsider in 2010, and everybody endorsed my opponent, every Republican in the country, and they all said oh, he’d — you know, all the leaders that have chosen him as the heir apparent and he was the leader of the Republican Party in Florida at the time, I was able to win because I went and I told people what I thought they wanted somebody to do. The next election, the ‘22 election, the ’24 election is who’s got the right background at the right time. The voter is the leader of the party. “

Just to drive the point home, Scott also disagreed with Trump’s claim of credit for Senate Republican fundraising, “There’s a lot of people, the president has been helpful, but there’s a lot of people that have been helpful, and if you look at Republicans across the country, we are raising money because people are fed up with the Biden agenda. They know it’s not good for their families, they don’t want to open borders, close schools. They don’t want all this inflation, they would like somebody that would stand up to help the Cuban people, so that’s why — I mean, that’s why we’re going to have a great win in ’22, and that’s where we are raising money. “

Trump isn’t the leader of the party, and he is just one of the people who has been helpful in fundraising. Trump isn’t the leader of the party. He’s just a guy.

Trump Is So Toxic That Even Rick Scott Is Backing Away

If you want proof of Trump’s toxicity, watch how Rick Scott tries to distance the party’s hopes in 2022 and 2024 from Trump.

Republicans want Trump voters, but they know that Trump loses elections for them, so they are trying to appeal to the Trump base without embracing Trump.

Good luck with that.