WATCH: CNN’s Acosta Says It’s Pointless to Have Trump Testify Because He’d “Lie So Much”

Since Donald Trump has been out of office, a number of books have been written about his tenure. And while most rational people expected that the former president would have been incompetent and corrupt, the picture being painted is even worse.

One might think that it would be important to call Trump to testify in front of congress. Jim Acosta doesn’t think so, though. In fact, the CNN host says, the constant lies from the former commander in chief would render the hearings useless.

Lofgren told the CNN host, “I don’t think it’s a new piece of information that the former president has a veracity problem. The Washington Post and other news institutions used to tote up how many lies per day he would say. So, we’ve got to weigh that as a factor of how valuable his testimony would be.”

Acosta followed, “In other words, he may lie so much that the testimony may be worthless.”

The Florida congressman finished, “Well, I just think it’s a balancing factor I’m sure he would litigate, and then we need to have a weighing of how truthful his testimony would be given his track record.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: