Listen: Comedian Bill Burr Absolutely Torches Ron DeSantis Over COVID Politics

Ron DeSantis would really like to be the next president of the United States. And the Florida governor has decided that the best way to endear himself to GOP voters is to push culture war issues.

At this moment, a quarter of new COVID cases are occurring in Florida. But DeSantis has done absolutely nothing to stop the spread. During a recent podcast, comedian Bill Burr tore the GOP governor apart.

Burr began, “DeSantis, whoever this guy is — and they have the most grumpiest looking photo ever — this guy is starting to build stature in 2024 and he says he disagrees on mask mandates.”

The comedian continued, “The amount of people who not only don’t even own a microscope or even have a pair of scrubs — you know, unless they went to some Halloween party — who are literally questioning doctors. It’s just — at this point it’s just hilarious.”

Burr closed his remarks, “These f*cking piece of shit politicians! He knows that that’s what his fanbase wants him to do so that’s what the f*ck he’s gonna do. Unbelievable.”

While DeSantis is taking plenty of heat from those on the left, he is being celebrated by those on the right. Despite vaccines being free and readily available, Florida is breaking records for COVID cases.

Listen to the segment below (Warning NSFW)