Trump Is On Thin Ice As Prosecutors Have Even More Evidence Of Tax Fraud

Prosecutors have more evidence that Trump and his business were engaged in a multi-million dollar tax fraud scheme.

New York Prosecutors Have A Lot More Evidence Against Trump And His Business

The Daily Beast reported:

Ever since New York prosecutors hit the Trump Organization and its top financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, with tax fraud charges in July, it’s been obvious they have more evidence of wrongdoing than they’ve laid out. But now, it’s certain: Prosecutors also have evidence that the executive’s son, Barry Weisselberg, received the very same kind of corporate perks that investigators allege should have been taxed as income.

Trump And His Business Were Disguising Income As Perks

The Trump Organization has already been criminally indicted, but the failed former one-term president tried to brush off that indictment as a witch hunt, but it appears that prosecutors have a much more evidence to unveil. Given that he signed the checks, an indictment of the former president is a real possibility.

Prosecutors are being deliberate and taking their time for a reason. They are building a case. Prosecutors have the tax returns of Trump, his business, and the people who worked for him.

The first wave of indictments was a warning. What comes next could destroy Trump’s business and his hopes of a political comeback in 2024.