WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Says The Biggest Contributor to Vaccine Hesitancy is Joe Biden

With COVID cases raging in red states and GOP governors doing nothing to help, Fox News personalities are looking for scape goats. Despite the fact that Fox viewers are less likely to get vaccinated, Fox claims that they are not the problem.

Some anchors have tried to pin the COVID surge on migrants with no evidence whatsoever. And during a Monday appearance, Kayleigh McEnany claimed Joe Biden and his team were to blame for Republicans refusal to get inoculated.

“Yeah, the biggest contributor to vaccine hesitancy is the Joe Biden administration,” the former Trump press secretary said. “This talk of mandates, Dr. Fauci being all over the map on masks — first it’s one, then it’s two, then it’s zero if you’re vaccinated, and now we’re back to one. This contributes to people having distrust of the federal government, of the CDC, where you had [CDC Director Dr. Rochelle] Walensky come out to Bret Baier and say yes, we are considering a vaccine mandate, only to walk that back mere moments later.”

McEnany continued, “When you have this new recommendation of masking indoors in high-intensity areas and you don’t release the underlying data for that proposal, instead it’s leaked by the deep state in the CDC to The Washington Post, and then days later you come out and corroborate that data. This messaging is all over the map. You have to be clear, you used the word, Harris, you used the keyword, consistent.”