Biden Gets A Massive Win As Senate Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

President Biden promised a return to bipartisanship, and he delivered as the Senate passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

The final vote was 69-30.

The House will pass the bill no matter what sort of drama cable news is trying to whip up. The Senate is moving on to the main event for Democrats, the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill that will be passed using reconciliation.

Biden Proven Right On Bipartisanship

Early in the 2020 Democratic primary campaign, JoeBiden was mocked for stating that he wanted to bring bipartisanship back to governing. Biden’s opponents painted him as out of touch with the way Washington, D. C. works, but it turns out that he was right.

President Biden has done what no president has been able to do in decades. He got Democrats and Republicans to spend money in a bipartisan way for the good of cities and small towns all across the country.

Biden promised bipartisanship, and he delivered.