Tucker Carlson Says Democrats Won’t Come On His Show Because They Think He’s a White Supremacist

The rules of cable news have been very clearly drawn. It is very rare to see a Conservative lawmaker appear on MSNBC. In turn, it is very rare to see a Democratic lawmaker who is willing to appear on Fox News.

CNN will sometimes have a Republican appear on air. Those lawmakers, though, are very often more in the middle and more apt at answering tough questions.

Over the last few months, Tucker Carlson has become increasingly far right. The Fox host, however, says that he is still trying to book Democrats to appear on his show. They won’t come on, he says, because they think he’s a white supremacist.

The bombastic host made the comments during a Tuesday appearance on Fox’s The Five. Left leaning host Jessica Tarlov asked Carlson who he would like to interview from the Democratic party, “if they would take your call.”

“There are so many people,” Carlson answered. “Honestly I’d like to interview anybody in Democratic leadership. I’d like to interview a Democratic congressman. No one will talk to me! No one will come on the show.”

The Fox host continued, “‘You’re a white supremacist, we’re not talking to you!’ Really? No, I’m not. I just have different ideas from you, why are you calling me names? It’s not even real. Just come on and talk to me like a normal human being.”