Mitch McConnell Throws Shade At Trump By Praising Biden On Infrastructure

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised President Biden for the infrastructure bill, in what was a clear message to Trump.

Mitch McConnell Gives Biden Credit For Infrastructure Bill

McConnell said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal,There’s nothing to back you up like the promise of a presidential signatory, if you’re in the same party as the president. And so I think the president deserves a lot of credit for getting the Democrats open to reaching a bipartisan agreement on this bill.”

When the WSJ asked McConnell about Trump, he declined to answer and said that he is focused on the future.


Mitch McConnell has made no secret of his desire to have Trump charged with a crime and booted out of the Republican Party, and giving credit to Biden for something that Trump was never able to do as president is a loud response to Trump’s efforts to drum the Senate Minority Leader out of the GOP.

Filibuster Fears Made Republicans Compromise On Infrastructure

Senate Republicans compromised on infrastructure because they are worried about Democrats killing the filibuster.

The infrastructure compromise gave McConnell cover to continue to suggest that things are fine in the Senate while sticking it to Donald Trump and giving his old friend President Joe Biden a huge win.