Republicans Reeling As Voters Blame The Unvaccinated/GOP For COVID Surge

The Republican plan to weaponize COVID against Democrats has failed as voters blame the unvaccinated and GOP politicians for the COVID surge.

Politico reported on a new Politico/Morning Consult Poll:

The survey also found that about half of all voters blame the new wave of infections that have sent numbers spiking equally on the unvaccinated and on political leaders opposed to mask-wearing and social-distancing mandates. About one-fifth of voters said neither is responsible; 14 percent blamed the unvaccinated solely and another 7 percent targeted the politicians.


According to the poll, more than 8 in 10 Democrats and at least half of independent voters want to require vaccinations for all Americans (except those with medical conditions), for employees who work in their area and for those who go to gyms or entertainment venues. But those requirements are supported by roughly 35 percent of Republicans, who form the largest group of unvaccinated Americans.

A bit of quick math reveals that 71% of respondents blamed Republican politicians, the unvaccinated, or both for the COVID surge.

That. Is. Not. Good.

Republicans Are Still Getting The COVID Issue All Wrong.

After Republicans lost everything in 2020, one might think that they would reassess their handling of the pandemic, but since this Trump’s Republican Party, they have doubled down on their failed strategy, angered the majority of the country, and are killing their supporters.

Unless something drastically changes, COVID will be an issue in 2022, and it could cost Republicans any chance that they had of winning back the House and Senate.