Former Rep. David Jolly Says Democrats Will Win Elections For A Generation If They Get Voting Rights Done

Former Rep. David Jolly said that if Joe Biden and Democrats get voting rights done, they will win elections for a generation.


Jolly said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “ Republicans are doing this to win elections. Republicans know the more American voters who turn out, the more elections Republicans lose. They are doing this to deflate and reduce turnout. Democrats, if you don’t want to approach this as a constitutional issue, approach it as a strictly partisan political one. You get this across the finish line Joe Biden, the Democratic Party begins to win elections for a generation to come. Republicans know how to play that game. Democrats are failing to do so in this moment.”

Democrats Need To Pass Voting Rights Protections

David Jolly was one hundred percent correct. Republicans only care about winning elections, and with their new Census data showing that their base is shrinking and weakening, they are trying to keep people from voting in order to stay in power.

Democrats shouldn’t care about how they get it done. They just need to get it done. President Biden has been a powerful force for getting Democrats in line. Biden needs to loudly support whatever Senate Democrats come up with.

If Manchin and Sinema won’t move on a filibuster carve-out, then find another way, and worry about legal challenges later, because no matter how Democrats do it, their voting rights protections will be challenged in court.

If Democrats get this done, they will win elections for years. If they don’t, Republicans will have successfully rigged the election system because Democrats allowed them to do so.