Early Data Suggests Trump’s Census Rigging Backfired On Republicans

An initial look at the Census data reveals larger than expected urban numbers and weaker rural numbers, which suggests that Trump’s Census rigging may hurt Republicans.

Strong Urban And Weak Rural Numbers In The New Census

America’s White Population Dropped By 2 Points:

Georgia is now likely a majority-minority state:Lo

Lots of states with higher than expected non-white counts:

Trump Tried To Rig The Census For Republicans, But He May Have Cost His Own Party

None of the Census data that I listed above is good news for Republicans, who hoped that the Census would take away seats in blue states and districts and hand them to the GOP’s rural strongholds.

Instead, what appears to have happened is that urban growth in blue counties has exploded, and rural white America, which is the backbone of the Republican Party, continues to shrink.

Trump’s conspiracies and complaints about the government may have driven the Census response rate down in rural areas.

Democrats and minority advocacy groups were worried that the Census would be a nightmare for them, but it is looking a lot better than they expected. People in blue areas listened, and they turned in their Census forms to such a degree that New York might keep all of their House seats.

The midterm is still going to require a lot of work for Democrats to keep the House, but Trump’s Census rigging looks like it failed.