WATCH: GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Corrects 2022 Senate Candidate Who Claims Election Was Stolen

Donald Trump may have lost the 2020 election, but there will be plenty of Trumpian candidates come 2022. The former president laid a blue-print for winning through conspiracy theories, race baiting and white grievance.

One of these future candidates, Illinois’ Bobby Piton heckled Texas’ Dan Crenshaw during a recent GOP fundraising event. The Republican responded by telling Piton that Trump absolutely lost the 2022 election.

After the heckler yelled at him, Crenshaw responded, “There are certain states with problems, but don’t kid yourself into believing that’s why we lost. It’s not; it’s not. I’ll tell you openly.”

Piton responded by saying that he had proof that Trump won the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. He also referenced the recent ‘audit’ in Arizona’s Maricopa county. “And how’d that turn out,” responded the congressman. 

The heckler pressed saying that audits would reveal that Donald Trump had won the election. Crenshaw told him and the crowd, “Alright, alright. I’m not going to argue with this. I’m not going to argue with you. Five different states? Hundreds of thousands of votes? You’re kidding yourself.”

Politicians like Crenshaw will be hearing things like this for the next few years. It should be expected that any lawmaker who isn’t 100% behind Trump’s election lies will be challenged and primaried.

Watch a video of the exchange below: