Payback Time: Democrats May Gerrymander 5 House Republican Seats Out Of Existence In New York

When Democrats in New York redistrict based on the new Census data, they may wipe out five House Republican districts.

Video of Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report on MSNBC’s MTP Daily:

Wasserman said, “This is the story that no one is talking about, Chuck. We talk about how Republicans have big gerrymandering advantages in Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. New York is Democrats’ biggest redistricting weapon even though they’re losing one seat. The growth exceeded expectations. Hakeem Jeffries who Democrats believe is their Speaker in waiting, and Sean Patrick Maloney, the chair of the DCCC, are both from New York, and they know they probably can’t hold on to the House majority without gerrymandering the state. Look, they could purge as many as five of the eight Republicans in New York’s delegation. They could get rid of one on Staten Island, one on Long Island, and three upstate. New York is a huge deal for Democrats.”

New York Is One Reason Why The Better Than Expected Census Numbers Are Great News For Democrats.

Gerrymandering needs to be done away with, but if those are the rules of the game, Democrats would have to be insane not to gerrymander New York to make Republicans need to flip a net of 9 seats to take back control of the House.  The number is going to be a little higher than that, as Wasserman also noted that Democrats are likely to pick up a seat in Texas, and the Colorado seat could be favorable for Democrats.

The Census was better than Democrats and activists expected, and the result is that Republicans may actually have to win the House instead of gerrymandering themselves to the majority.