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GOP Florida Mayor on DeSantis: He’s a Dictator Who Won’t Return my Calls

Florida, right now, is experiencing a severe COVID-19 surge. You wouldn’t know it, however, if you listened to Ron DeSantis. The governor is much more concerned fighting a culture war then keeping his people safe.

And people in the Sunshine state are suffering. And considering vaccine rates, it’s much more likely to be unvaccinated Republicans in the hospital than Democrats. But DeSantis has his heels dug in. For him, right now, it’s about punishing people who oppose him than protecting those who support him.

Republican Mayor Carlos Hernandez remarked, “He’s a dictator. It’s a shame because we’re paying the price.”

Fort Lauderdale’s Democratic Mayor Dean Trantalis, said, “Florida is a big state, and each corner of the state has its own challenges, so it’s hard for a one-size-fits all approach.”

And Democrat Rick Kriseman, who oversees St. Petersburg, explained, “I have never spoken to Ron DeSantis. He’s never called me, and the times I have tried to reach out to him and talk to him, whether by phone or when I was in Tallahassee, I have never been granted permission or an opportunity for an audience with him.”

DeSantis doesn’t seem worried about the criticism. Christina Pushaw, his press secretary said, “Since when do dictators prioritize individual rights over the unchecked expansion of government power?”



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