Jim Jordan Melts Down And Suggests Everything Would Be Wonderful If Trump Was President

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was asked about Afghanistan but instead ranted about how things would be great if Trump was president.


Rep. Jordan said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

I think the first thing is why is Joe Biden on vacation. He hasn’t taken a question. It’s an embarrassing situation for the United States. Frankly, it’s not surprising. Maria, tell me what this administration has done right in their first eight months on the job. We have inflation like crazy, crisis on the border and the economy where it doesn’t need to be and crime surging in every urban areas. We had 11 murders in Chicago two weekends ago. Tell me what they have done right. It’s embarrassing and frightening and we have never seen anything this crazy since back in Vietnam when we had to get people out at the last minute as well. 

So let’s hope we can protect American lives but this would not happen, this would not happen if President Trump was in the White House. We know that. We would not be treated the way we are from our adversaries and what happened in Anchorage, that just would not happen when you project strength and competence from the White House but unfortunately we don’t have that today.

Jim Jordan criticized Biden for being on vacation at Camp David when Rep. Jordan is currently on vacation.

Trump Showed Strength And Competence By Getting Rolled By Dictators, Killing Americans With A Pandemic, And Trashing The Economy.

It was a meltdown from Jim Jordan, as he couldn’t hold in his longing for Donald Trump any longer. Jordan was asked about Afghanistan and he ranted about murders in Chicago and how wonderful the world would be if Donald Trump was still in office.

Trump managed to get played by dictators, kill hundreds of thousands of Americans during the pandemic,  and destroy the economy.

Biden has cut the death rate from COVID by 90%, gotten Americans access to lifesaving vaccines, created more jobs this early in his term than any president in history, and is ending a war that the vast majority of Americans want out of.

Jim Jordan can’t handle the reality of Biden’s success, as he pines for his crush Donald Trump.