Lindsey Graham Censured By South Carolina County GOP For The Crime Of Bipartisanship

The Aiken County, South Carolina Republican Party, voted to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham because he voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Aiken County, SC GOP Censures Lindsey Graham For Supporting Infrastructure Bill

The Aiken Standard reported:

The Aiken County Republican Party has overwhelmingly voted to censure U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, citing his support of the behemoth infrastructure bill that recently passed the Senate.

The local party this week accused the powerfulSouth Carolina Republicanof playing both sides of the political aisle to his advantage, consciously violating Republican principles, backing bills “that target our freedoms,” and, ultimately, wandering too far to the left.

The county party wanted the infrastructure bill to contain “border security,” which is a Trumpian code for wall money. They also claimed that building infrastructure hurts businesses because we all know that if there is one thing that encourages a business to locate in an area, it is bad bridges and roads.

The Republican Party Views Bipartisanship As Defeat And Weakness

The fact that Graham was censured for voting for a bill that will be very good for his state because it is bipartisan is why Democrats and Republicans can’t work together more.

Republicans view bipartisanship as a weakness. One would expect nothing less from a party that is bending toward authoritarianism.

Sen. Lindsey Graham actually put his state first for once, but he did throw a tantrum first.  and his reward is being told to never do it again by the Trump extremists in his own party.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill revealed that Washington is capable of working, but it is the Republican Party that is broken.