Marjorie Taylor-Greene Thinks 1/6 Rioters Have Been Treated Too Roughly

When the January insurrection happened, everyone realized how disgraceful it was. But as time has gone by, Republican lawmakers and pundits have begun to try to gaslight Americans on the seriousness of the event.

And the more extreme the lawmaker, the more extreme the excuses. Marjorie Taylor-Greene may be the most extreme congressperson in the country. So it was no surprise that the Georgia Republican has an extreme take on the matter.

Taylor-Greene talked about the insurrection during  a recent GOP event in Georgia. She told attendees, “Talk about political weapons and warfare, the FBI and the Department of Justice is (sic) completely out of line. The way they are charging people who were at the Capitol on January 6th is terrifying. Especially because of the fact that they have ignored Antifa and BLM’s violent terrorists.”

The lawmaker continued, “the way they have targeted the people who were there on January 6th is unbelievable. I was there that day, I did not like the violence, and I have said over and over again, that was wrong, and those people have been charged, and to hold them like political prisoners in the Washington D.C. federal prison and other prisons in this country is wrong.”

Greene closed her remarks, “They are treating those people worse than they treat the terrorists at Gitmo. They are treating those people worse than they treat illegal aliens being held in detention centers — and I have toured detention centers and I know what they look like.”