Donald Trump Had a Plan to Pull Troops Out of Afghanistan May 1st, But Gaslighting Kayleigh McEnany Says He Wouldn’t Have Followed Through [VIDEO]

The idea of pulling American troops out of Afghanistan has long been popular with voters. A poll conducted in April by the Morning Consult found that 69% of Americans supported pulling troops out of the region.

Donald Trump supported the idea of bringing the military back home. And under his plan, it would have happened by May 1st. Kayleigh McEnany attempted to gaslight Americans on that fact during a Monday appearance on Fox News.

Host Harris Faulkner said to the pundit, “Kayleigh, this is not how the last president left the situation. It would have been nice to get all our people back quickly. Instead, this is protracted.”

McEnany answered, “Let me be categorical in saying this. This would have never happened under President Donald J. Trump! It would not have!”

Republicans have been working hard on obscuring the fact that Trump has brokered a deal with the Taliban. A website page celebrating the deal was removed from the RNC website.

The now removed page read, “President Trump has continued to take the lead in peace talks as he signed a historic peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, which would end America’s longest running war.”

Trump also bragged about the troops withdrawal just one month ago. He told supporters, “I started the process, all the troops are coming home, they (Biden) couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. They (Biden) couldn’t stop the process, they (Biden) wanted to but couldn’t stop the process.”