Mika Brzezinski Accuses Trump Of Treason Then Blames Biden For Afghanistan

Mika Brzezinski called Trump’s deal with the Taliban treasonous but then blamed Biden for the Afghanistan withdrawal.


Brzezinski said, “I don’t disagree about Trump’s involvement with this and that his dealings with the Taliban will be downright disgusting and treasonous whatever word you want to use, anti-democratic, not conducive to a good outcome. However you want to describe it. But this is Joe Biden’s. He made this decision. I worry a little bit about the what aboutism, putting it back on trump. You can do it, he owns a lot of it, but Joe Biden made this decision. “

Trump Can Engage In Treason, But Biden Gets The Blame.

The media’s sudden concern about Afghanistan is a new development. Shows like Morning Joe have ignored the war in Afghanistan for the last 18-19 years, but suddenly with the Taliban returning to power, which was what Trump negotiated, Afghanistan is a top national priority.

The message from the corporate press is that Trump can engage in treason and sell out the Afghan people to the Taliban, but Biden will get the blame.

Given the history of Afghanistan over the last forty-plus years, the images coming out of the country are not “stunning” or “surprising.” The developments in Afghanistan were only surprising to those who were not paying attention.

Even if the corporate media wants to blame Biden, the groundwork was laid by Donald Trump.