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Ron DeSantis Spent Monday Pushing a $1200 COVID-19 Treatment. Vaccines, of Course, Are Free

Back in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump, Republican lawakers and Conservative media relentlessly pushed the drug hydroxychloroquine. And despite their repeated claims about the drug, it turned out to be pretty much useless.

The country now has a great way to combat COVID-19, vaccines that have proven to be incredibly effective. Still, in red states, vaccinations rates are low and COVID cases are high.

Ron DeSantis is dealing with yet another massive COVID surge in Florida. And rather than relentlessly advising people to get inoculated, he is pushing treatment with monoclonal antibodies. And unlike the free vaccine, this treatment costs at least $1200.

The Florida governor announced the availability of the drug in Orlando today. He told reporters, “Early treatment with these monoclonal antibodies, Regeneron and others, have proven to radically reduce the chance that somebody ends up being hospitalized. And at the end of the day, reducing hospital admissions has got to be a top priority.”

DeSantis also noted, “The protection against severe illness is holding, but it is not bringing on herd immunity. The unvaccinated are still much more likely to be admitted to hospitals.”

It seems quite backwards to wait to catch COVID before seeking treatments. And there are sure to be questions about who will be profiting from this newest treatment.

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