Some Trump Hotels Are Now Requiring Masks on Their Properties, Even in Red States

Donald Trump always had a major problem with the use of masks to combat COVID-19. He thought is was a major insult to say that Joe Biden was wearing the “biggest mask I’ve ever seen.” And during his return to the White House from the hospital after suffering from COVID, he made a point of ripping his mask off.

That doesn’t mean that requiring masks isn’t a smart policy for businesses. And that may be the reason why some Trump hotels are now requiring masks on their properties.

The former president has been relatively quiet on mask mandates. He recently told Fox’s Dan Bongino, “The mandates are crazy and what they’re doing with schools now — are they going to keep them closed? The teachers union now is in flux. The kids need to get back to school.”

Trumpian governor Ron DeSantis has made masks a major culture war issue in Florida. But according to a new Politco piece from Sam Stein and Meridith McGraw:

“The Trump International hotel in Miami, for instance, requires masks to be worn in all public places, according to its Covid-19 guidance and confirmed by a hotel representative. The guidance says it is an effort to be in compliance with Miami-Dade County guidelines. Elsewhere on its website, the hotel says that masks will be required for all indoor employees and vendors while on property.”

This hypocrisy from those on the right is no surprise. For example, Ted Cruz commonly rails against mask mandates. The expensive private school he sends his children to, however, requires face coverings.