Fox’s Will Cain: There Are Different Ways to Fight This Pandemic Other Than Masks [VIDEO]

Will Cain spent a number of years working at ESPN. But it never seemed like sports were his true passion. So in 2020, he left the sports giants to become a host over at the Fox News network.

Cain quickly fell into Fox’s main talking points. He has opined on Fox culture war topics like Critical Race Theory. He was also infuriated that the terrorists who stormed the White House on January 6th were being referred to as insurrectionists.

And during a Tuesday broadcast, Cain dipped his toe in the anti-vaccine propaganda waters. The host was interviewing Matthew Syed, the author of Rebel Ideas. He said to his guest:

“Matthew, to take this full circle, I have read some of your work and this idea that we have to learn from past mistakes, be open to our own failures, learn, move forward and apply to specific circumstances, it seems as though we are making all the same mistakes, for example, when we approach how to treat COVID. We keep doubling down on lockdowns or masks. We force ourselves into binary thinking, vaccinated or unvaccinated and we don’t really consider all the different ways in which we can fight this pandemic. It seems that we, at least at our leadership level are really, to use this term again, constipated in our thinking.”

The vaccine has been a veritable miracle for those in the country have been taking it. Fox News, strangely, would rather keep their viewers exposed to a deadly virus.